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How SEO Can Help
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How SEO can help

The website element that our clients are most curious about is SEO. It's a phrase that's tossed around a lot, and you'll see companies talking about SEO services – especially "white hat" SEO. But it may be confusing if you've never designed a website before, so let's talk about SEO and what it can mean for your company's bottom line.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. While there are some "hidden" elements in the coding and design of your website that can be considered SEO, the overwhelming majority of the work comes in the content of your website – the text that's written for your visitors or readers.

So, what exactly do you have to do to your text to make it search engine optimized? This is the great debate, of course. There are as many SEO tactics as there are search engines! But, the generally accepted method is to do keyword research on your website's topic(s), then use them in the text of your website so that the search engine "spiders" can find them and easily categorize and rank your website accordingly.

Why do these "spiders" crawl around the Internet looking at website content? Well, there has to be some way to rank websites that come up in search results. So they've figured out that the more a website talks about certain keywords, the more likely it is that the site will be useful to someone who's performing a web search on that topic.

For example, take a look at the very page you're reading. Obviously, we'd like people to come across our site in their search for SEO services. But, we've used the word "spider" as well – even though we have nothing to do with actual spiders! Search engines will take a look at all the text on this website as well as this page and know to "categorize" and rank us as an SEO services company – not as any kind of authority on arachnids – because we're not using any other keywords related to spiders, and we have talked about SEO services a lot.

That's basically how SEO works. But, it's not as easy as that. As always, people want to make a quick buck – which is where the whole notion of "black hat SEO" and "white hat SEO" came from. When people first started figuring out how search engine ranking works, they decided they'd game the system – by creating websites that were full of nothing more than keywords for a given topic, and pay-per-click ads that would make money for the website owners. And, for a time, they did.

But then the search engines got smart, and they changed their algorithms. If a search engine spider found that there were too many keywords on a page or website, the owners of the website were flagged as doing something called "spamdexing" – and their site was taken out of the rankings altogether. What do you think that did to their business?

Would you want that to happen to your business?

Of course not! That's why you'll see the phrase "white hat SEO," and why you should know that's a positive thing. Spamdexing is considered black hat SEO; writing content that readers will understand, appreciate and find valuable as well as get your site high in the rankings is considered white hat SEO. This difference, however, is why many websites fail – and why it's a wise investment to hire an SEO specialist when creating your website. You could have the best product or service in the world – but if no one is able to find you on the Internet, then it's not going to do a lot of good.

It's also why we recommend to many of our clients that they connect a blog to their website – to feed fresh SEO content to the hungry search engine spiders! SEO experts find the right balance between readability and ranking. When looking for an SEO company, make sure that they include not only the writing of the content itself, but also the proper research for the keywords that match your topic. Even the best SEO writing won't do any good if it's not helping customers find your business because your SEO company used the wrong keywords!

If you're looking to have your website optimized for search engines, you've come to the right place – we offer expert SEO services for any website topic – and we'll deliver fast, accurate, readable content that will push you to the first page of search results. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with your SEO!